Corporate innovation challenge

education & workshops

1 – O – 1 EDUCATION – Leadership & Industry Awareness

Half-day Blockchain Innovation Session with leading blockchain experts

  • Smart contract overview, use case exploration, and prioritization
  • Cloud-based private blockchain deployment
  • End-to-end smart contract deployment (limited to 3 transaction types)
  • Strategic (Blockchain, Crypto assets, ICOs)
  • Technical (Smart-Contracts, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger)
  • Legal (regulatory landscape and compliance, e.g. blockchain GDPR compliance)
  • Finance (ICO; DACO; SHAFT; crypto-accounting and investment analysis)
  • DLTs for your business

strategy & Business integration

We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology in regard to your business and corporate challenges. We cover the landscape of strategy, technology, legal and finance.

We'll spend 2 days on site helping you understand the technology, assessing the feasibility for your business in accordance to your corporate challenges, and leading you in exercises to help narrow your focus and determine a direction.

Finally, we will connect you with the ecosystem of tech startups that address your challenges.

Design Thinking based DISCOVERY

From concept to functioning MVP, we will help you design and integrate the future of decentralized technology in your business operations through rapid prototyping, solution delivery, system integration, and domain-specific solutions.

Key to the spped of the process is to leverage BloxNGIN Challenge Lab and the ecosystem of startup that develop the innovation required by the industry.