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Fatfish is ventures investment and development firm. Fatfish partners with entrepreneurs to facilitate building ventures with the potential to scale regionally or globally through its unique “Seed-to-Exit” approach.
Kyber makes venture investments in high-growth companies focusing on Blockchain applications, advanced risk analytics and innovative financial technologies and services, social mobile commerce, new media platform and medical service industry.

The Tech Consortium contributes with technology cooperation, development and business network in Asia/USA/ASEAN for BloxNGIN members, most importantly, offers Blockchain technology advisory and enabling technology infrastructure “Blockchain as services and start-up kit” supporting members to create the innovation.

The Tech Consortium includes OwlTing, CoolBitX, GoodPro and its affiliated technology partners

A tech transactions management advisory firm with legal and financial expertise to maximise the return-on-innovation of investors, start-ups and corporations interested to explore the value of Blockchain technologies. helps with tokeneconomics, Know Your Customers, tech valuation and legal advise

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