blockchain inventures that really matter

BloxNGIN is the engine that creates and develops BLOCKCHAIN investments and ventures to solve corporate and social challenges

What is bloxngin

BloxNGIN is the innovation engine of blockchain technologies with a purpose.

An ecosystem of capital, competence, skills, as well as a physical place, to create and develop blockchain ventures and to solve corporate challenges by aplying blockchain technologies

corporate challenge

While distributed ledger technologies are not the solution to every corporate challenge, those technologies have the potential to change the way we run companies and industries.

blockchain INNovation engines

innovation MEET Corporate challenges LAB

BloxNGIN Challenge  Labs provides  entrepreneurs and startups with the tools and resources to succeed, and corporations with an inflow of innovation that addressees their corporate business challenges.

Startups don’t only need money, but help them to pace the way from idea to product to company. We assemble a team that is high-performing, specialized and comprehensive. We provide them with business management capacity, with legal & financing expertise, with product development and, yes, with funding. They get everything they require to transform an idea into a thriving enterprise.

But we don’t stop there: corporations need the raw material of startups - innovation. We work with corporations to leverage the startup ecosystem to address their business challenges with the innovation generated by the startups.

consulting services:  Disruption and Corporate Innovation Management

We work alongside your team as you navigate the transformative landscape of blockchain technologies to address the challenges of your company and industry.


Leadership & Industry Awareness

We'll spend time on site helping you to understand the technology, assessing the feasibility for your business in accordance to your corporate challenges, and leading you in exercises to help narrow your focus and determine a direction.


We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology in regard to your business and corporate challenges. We cover the landscape of strategy, technology, legal and finance.

Finally, we will connect you with the ecosystem of tech startups that address your challenges. 

Design Thinking based DISCOVERY - POC: PROTOTYPING & MVP

From concept to functioning MVP, we will help you design and integrate the future of decentralized technology in your business operations through rapid prototyping, solution delivery, system integration, and domain-specific solutions. 


As the international regulatory landscape in the blockchain space continues to evolve, our experts will address the issues of jurisdiction compliance, service levels and performance, liability, intellectual property, data privacy, dAOs governance compliance, Smart Contracts enforceability, financial services regulations compliance, etc…


Do you need SmartContract developers, UX or DApp engineers and developers? Call us!


venture FUNDING

We help ventures in the blockchain and decentralised technology sector develop and scale their business idea through capital.

BloxNGIN capital venture founders actively look to invest in innovative decentralalised technology companies with focus on innovatino related to enterprise dApps, identitiy mangement, security, development and mining tools and infrastructure.

We focus on decentralised tehnology that really matters and has the potential to impact society and disrupt exsiting industries